How To Create A Forum With phpBB

phpBB LogoPhpBB is a type of stabilized, open-source, script that can be downloaded for free from their official website. This allows the user to create multiple forums, as well as categories on his website. Moderators and users with different permissions can also be made. In a nutshell, it offers everything needed in a forum.

Here’s How To Create A Forum With phpBB:

Step #1: System Requirements
Due to the fact that phpBB is made with the use of a scripting language, it’s important to ensure that the Web server uses this language.

For those who don’t know if their Web server supports this language, they can always consult the Web provider or simply upload the script:


To create this file, use a text editor and save it using the file name, “info.php.” Then, transfer it to the directory of the server. This can be viewed by copying the address in the browser.

In case that the PHP is already set up, the configuration setting of PHP should be visible.

Step #2: Uploading the Important Files
After downloading and decompressing the needed files this must be transferred in the original directory named “phpBB2.” The directory construction of this must be preserved.

Using the preferred program to transfer the needed files to the server, ensure that the non graphic files are uploaded in ASCII format. A lot of FTP programs perform this automatically, depending on the extension of the file. Ensure that the software being used is designed to upload the following extensions, such as: .tpl, .php, .htm, and .inc as text files.

Once the transfer is completed, modify the licenses on the file with a name, “config.php.” This will ensure that they’re writable. The feature will give the choice of having a different config file and overwrite the original.

Step #3: Preparation
In order to set up the phpBB on a personal server, the following data are important:

* Name of the Database
* Password of the Database
* Username of the Database
* Admintrator Email Address
* Database Server Hostname or DSN

The web host name should be the name where the database will be running. In case that the database is made using the similar server as the Web server, just enter “localhost.” On the other hand, if it’s from another server, the suitable domain or IP address should be entered. For those who are utilizing ODBC for connection, the file name for this is very important. For those who are uncertain about this, it’s important to consult the web host and ask about the specifics needed.

As for the name, this is quite simple. It’s just the database name the owner is going to use. However, it’s also possible to create your own. For this, the web host provider should also be consulted.

Step #4: Installation
Installation is fairly simple. Just point the browser to the install.file.

Complete the boxes and click “start” to begin the installation process. This would be done within seconds and all the important database tables would be created.

After that, shut down the browser and everything in the directory should be completely wiped off. However, if in the download process, you were prompted to transfer the config file, just transfer it to the directory. This will automatically overwrite the original file.

Step #5: Administer the Forum
To manage the Forum, open “http://www.<domainname>/phpBB2/index.php” and sign in in as an administrator. Proceed to Administration Panel located at the lower portion of the forum

After finding a theme, it’s possible to further customize this through the forum panel.

Step #6: Customize the Forum
After settling on a design, you can further customize the forum in a number of ways. For example, displaying an original logo rather than the default phpBB logo.

Having some idea of HTML can help in modifying the needed changes to make the forum page more personalized.

Note: phpBB allows the users to come up with their own style. That in mind, unless you want to overrule the user’s selection of design, any of the installed themes will be ready for use. On the other hand, for those who want to customize the styles while allowing the users to make their own choice, then appropriate changes to the templates should be done.

Creating a forum with phpBB is not as difficult as it may sound. All that is needed is to install a professional bulletin board service and follow the steps discussed above.

Too Complicated?
This is the manual setup for phpBB but there is a way you can auto-install it by using a hosting service like HostGator or Bluehost. If you want a tutorial on how to skip the above steps and launch your forum in a matter of seconds, then you can see this tutorial on how you can create a forum yourself with a tutorial from LovelyReality.

We wish you the best of luck with your new forum and we hoped that you enjoy the new tutorial from ComputerGuruToGo!

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